Hotel of Madame de Pompadour

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The place

This mansion stands on the site of the first pumping-house used for supplying water to the Palace’s water features. In the form of a tower, it used to house a 100-m3 reservoir on the upper floor, and on the ground floor a horse carousel which drove the mechanism that brought water from Clagny lake situated a little lower down.

Destroyed in 1686, it was replaced in 1751 by a mansion designed for Louis XV’s favourite, Madame de Pompadour, by J. Cailleteau (1690-1755), an architect specially chosen by her. After Madame de Pompadour’s death and a variety of other uses, the building became a tourist hotel in 1875 and its height was raised in 1908 to what it is today.

It was bought back by the State in 1933. Just up the street, next to this building, can be seen the sturdy walls of the Palace reservoirs that give the street its name.

To this day they supply water to the fountains in the Palace’s gardens. A little lower down, at No. 9-11, is the former Crown depository built in 1778-1784 by C.F. Darnaudin (1741-1805). These buildings formed part of the Hôtel des Réservoirs between 1866 and 1933.

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