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In context : On the way to or from the Château : Notre-Dame historical trail

(From : Hotel of Madame de Pompadour). The Theater is almost next to the Hôtel des Réservoirs, at number 13.

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The place

Inaugurated in 1777 in the presence of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, this theater with its lovely blue and gold auditorium is one of the oldest preserved in France.

Built by J.-F. Heurtier, it may be considered Versailles' first theater, where, until then, there was only an uncomfortable auditorium on the rue Royale. This initiative came about thanks to Marguerite Brunet, known as la Montansier, who headed a theatre business holding privileges in all of western France and everywhere the court resided. The Versailles building’s success as a theater lasted until 1789.

The building was purchased by the city in 1834: it has since become the municipal theater, which was notably directed in the Twentieth Century by Marcelle Tassencourt and Francis Perrin.

More info
  • Opening hours - Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday : 5pm-7pm - Wednesday : 4pm-6pm
  • Prices - From 10 to 37 euros depending on what is playing - Reduced Price for members, large families, over 65 and under 26 - 45 minutes before the show, 3rd series seats (with reduced comfort and visibility) are sold at 5 euros
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