Saint-Michel-des-Batignolles Church

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Conceived by architect Bernard Haubold, the church was build between 1913 and 1938. The archangel at the top of the bell tower is a replica of the one found at the Mont-Saint-Michel abbey : both where sculpted by the same man, Emmanuel Frémiet (a third similar statue is to be seen at Orsay Museum). Struck by lightning during the 1980s, the archangel was removed from the bell tower in 1989, before being brought back in 2007.

Prior to the attachment of the town of Batignolles-Monceau to Paris, the church used to be at the eastern limit of the historical village of the Batignolles, hence its name. Nowadays, the church (much as the Batignolles cemetery further west) is located in what is now called the Épinettes neighbourhood.

Source : translated from Wikipedia contributors, "Église Saint-Michel des Batignolles"

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