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The church became a parish church in 1223. It was a chapel dedicated to Sainte-Agnès, a Roman martyr. The construction of the current church began in 1532, the work not being finally completed until 1637. The name of the church refers to Saint Eustace, a Roman general of the second century AD who was burned, along with his family, for converting to Christianity.

The church is an example of a Gothic structure clothed in Renaissance detail. The front and rear aspects provide a remarkable contrast between the comparatively sober classical front and the exuberant rear, which integrates Gothic forms and organization with Classical details.

A Keith Haring sculpture made of silver stands in a chapel of the church in memory of the epidemic of AIDS deaths during the 1980s.

With 8,000 pipes, the organ is reputed to be the largest pipe organ in France, surpassing the organs of Saint Sulpice and Notre Dame de Paris.

Source : Wikipedia contributors, "Saint-Eustache, Paris"

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  • Opening hours - Monday to friday : 9.30am - 7pm - Saturday : 10am - 7pm - Sunday : 9am - 7pm
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