How to advertise on Iperiago

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1) Add your shop, hotel, restaurant... to our database

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Otherwise, please fill up the form (don't forget to declare yourself as the owner) :

2) What you can do from here
  • By adding your shop, hotel, restaurant... to our database, you obviously make it available for inclusion, whereas at the hands of our editorial staff or those of the community, in future submitted itineraries...
  • ... But also, if there is a geographical proximity between your place and some of the already published Iperiago's itineraries, you'll be able to buy slots on those itineraries' maps at a very competitive price. This will enable users that are following or viewing an itinerary to know (very often at the right time for you) that your shop, restaurant, hotel... is close by.
  • You'll also be able to provide coupons so as to give our users discounted prices and increase chances that they become your customers.
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