A tailor-made walk in and around the Sentier

Let's go shopping and having fun in a district as lively as it is full of history.

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What you will do

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This itinerary will plunge you deep into a busy, full-of-life district, nonetheless gifted with historical monuments galore.

We wanted it not to be too long - much more of a pleasant walk with various little things to spot to make it even more interesting - but you may choose to extend it in a lot of ways, having a meal, a drink or a tea, going shopping at the Vivienne Gallery, following a guided visit of the National Library, or even seeing a movie in a fabulous and unusual theater.

The cloth manufacturer district is obviously more lively on week days than on weekends, but the itinerary will hopefully provide you with varied enough experiences for this to not matter much.

Step by step
  • Start in front of the National Library (the closest subway station is Bourse - line 3). If it happens to be a thursday, try to book ahead an early afternoon guided visit of the otherwise closed to the public study halls. Of course, this will make the overall itinerary a bit longer. 1
  • Almost facing the entrance of the National Library, you'll find one of Vivienne Gallery's entry points. Otherwise (the proposed itinerary), get to Etienne-Marcel street South, take it to the left, and find, on your right, another entry, perhaps an even better way to explore the gallery. Go ahead and spend some time here if you want. There is much to do, see and eat ! 2
  • Exit the Gallery at de la Banque street, then head straight until you reach des Petits-Pères square. 3
  • Now find Vide-Gousset street, which will lead you to the Place des Victoires, then make an almost full turn left into d'Aboukir street, up to du Louvre street where another almost full turn, right this time, will get you. A third similar turn (left) brings d'Argout street, and at this point two right turns into Bachaumont and Montorgueil streets will follow. The walk in this pedestrian neighbourhood will lead you close to Jean-Sans-Peur Tower, so instead of turning left into Tiquetonne street, proceed and get back into Etienne-Marcel street, and turn left into the latter instead, to get to the Tower. 4
  • Go back into Tiquetonne street and follow it to the right then turn left into Dussours street up to du Caire street, in which you'll make a turn left again, up to du Caire square. 5
  • Take Aboukir street to the left, then reach de Cléry street through des Petits-Carreaux street. Follow de Cléry street and don't miss the tiny des Degrés street. 6
  • Now take Beauregard street up west until Poissonnière street, wich will lead you to the "grands boulevards". Maybe it will be a good time for a movie session or a concert if you want to stop the itinerary here ? 7
  • Follow Poissonnière boulevard westbound until Saint-Fiacre street. Follow it and turn right (you're now in the middle of the cloth manufacturer district) into des Jeuneurs street then left into Montmartre street until the Taverne du Croissant. Note that a little after, at number 142, is the new Silencio Club created by David Lynch. Now, as we've reached the end of our itinerary, closest public transports are to be found by heading towards either the stock exchange or the "grands boulevards". 8
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