2 full days in Copenhagen

The Danish capital is a charming, relaxed, opened and all-around-nice large city bordered by the sea. It is also one of the prominent place for architecture and design.

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What you will do

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No doubt that cycling is king in Copenhagen ! Our itinerary, though, spanning 2 days, is doable by foot. Of course you can use a bike for most of it and in the following instructions we'll point whenever you'll need to go down of your two-wheeler.

The 1st day will start with a morning walk by the sea and down to the famous Nyhavn canal, then towards the Tivoli Gardens through Strøget, one of the largest streets in Europe for shopping. Tivoli is open on evenings so you can stay there and enjoy till it's time to go to sleep.

For those who do not bother with Tivoli, feel free to shop a little more in Strøget then/or head to Christianshavn for the rest of the itinerary (which is now fully doable in one day).

The 2nd day will begin at Christiansborg then will be dedicated to the posh quarter of Christianshavn and its surroundings, most notably the surprising Christiania experience. We suggest to end the itinerary at the Danish Architecture Center but you might as well continue to stroll around the canals and embankments there - the lovely marina atmosphere is key to the pleasures of Copenhagen.

Be advised that the city is quite expensive, but Copenhagen lifestyle is certainly on par with the cost of living : well-being certainly has a price.

Step by step
  • Let's start at the seaside, in front of the (sometimes surprisingly) little lovely statue that you won't be likely to miss however - just look for a small crowd gathering in the general direction. 1
  • Heading south, cross the former citadel, once a prison and now a quiet and very nice green place to wander around. 2
  • If you happen to be at Amalienborg at noon, don't miss the relief of the Guard ! 3
  • Further south, you'll find the picturesque and popular Nyhavn canal and its many restaurants and bars. 4
  • On the other side of Kongens Nitorv (the "King's New Place") starts Strøget : this is actually a succession of streets not available to bikes, and a shopping heaven (also look in crossing streets for more unusual shops). 5
  • Strøget will end at the Town Hall (Rådshuspladsen), and Tivoli will be found just a little further away. Bikes are not allowed in the park. 6
  • Christiansborg marks the starting point of our itinerary's 2nd day. 7
  • Head to the embankments along Frederiksholmskanal, have a look at the "Black Diamond" (the Royal Library) then use Knippelsbro drawbridge to get to Torvegade. You are now in Christianshavn. Continue in Torvegade then turn left into Prinsessegade (you should have crossed another canal a little before that). 8
  • Prinsessegade will then get you up to Christiania. 9
  • Now head to the quarter of Frederiksholm and have a look at the stunning Copenhagen Opera House. 10
  • Go back and find the main Christianshavn canal again. Then turn right into Sankt Annæ Gade and right again into Strandgade until you find the restaurant (which might look unassuming given its notoriety), nearly bordering water. 11
  • Your final step will be almost right next to the previous one, at the embankments, in the direction of Knippelsbro. 12
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