How to contribute to Iperiago

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1) Select or create your itinerary's stops
  • Browse our database to check if the main spots of your itinerary are already known to us. To do that, use the searchbox on every page or, when creating a new itinerary, the "add stage" link.
  • Some are missing ? If this is the case, you can submit all the missing places ! This way you can share even your favorite out-of-the-beaten-track location.
  • To get started, you will need a name and an address, or at least be able to pin the place on a map - Iperiago will do the rest. Then, just provide some useful and/or entertaining information, with your own words, and you're basically done. If you don't have the time of the will to do so, you can even use a text from Wikipedia, if available.
  • If you can add pictures, it's better but not required !
  • Be aware that all submitted places will be reviewed by our team before they can be part of an itinerary. We'll only publish content that looks like complete (don't forget to tell us that you content is ready to be reviewed by checking the corresponding box), if of course it indeed qualifies for publication, but you'll be able to modify it whenever you want after publication.
  • Please also be aware that by submitting content to Iperiago, you must agree to its terms of use and in particular its licencing policy.

2) Create a new itinerary based on those stops
  • You'll need to add a title and a brief, hopefully engaging description for your future readers, select stops, and this is (almost) it !
  • Almost, because part of the charm of an itinerary is not only points A and B, but also how you get from point A to point B : we've got a tool that allows you to draw on a map, very easily the precise path you've selected for each segment of your itinerary - you may even create a path automatically !
  • Again, your itinerary will be reviewed by our team before it can be visible to all, but you'll be able to modify it in the meantime if you want to. Please note that you don't have to wait for publication of the newly created places in order to add them to your itinerary in progress.

Go ahead, discovery is such a nice thing to offer !

Submission policy

Iperiago and its moderators will remove any submission that infriges privacy or publicity rights, that is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, slanderous, hateful, or embarrassing to any other person or entity as determined by Iperiago in its sole discretion. Iperiago forbids any kind of religious propaganda as well.

Submissions containing personal data (such as e-mail, address, telephone number...), hyperlinks to any unlawful website, or hyperlinks pointing to business offers or activity unrelated to the subject of the submission, will also be removed.

Iperiago will not publish (but won't delete it, if no other reason to do so) any obviously incomplete submission, meaning a submission containing incoherent or incomplete texts, too many syntax or grammar problems, or major factual errors that may hamper the global quality of the website. Same applies to pictures whose origin cannot be precisely determined or whose property is uncertain.