Our services

What powers Iperiago is an innovative technology backed up by strong expertise. Both are allowing us to help you and your projects at different levels :

  1. by deploying our multidevice full-stack platform for creating and publishing themed itineraries, as well as our social gaming engine, to make your own Iperiago and better promote your tourist offer, under you own brand with custom content ;
  2. by fully answering your specific online e-tourism needs expanding on our base technology with added skills in project management, wireframing, graphic design, Web and mobile content production, Web programming... ;
  3. by also taking advantage of our already existing content - as well as new, tailor-made ones - and ready-made platform during group events based on real-life itineraries, whether incentive-driven or not ;
  4. by building a new agregated publishing channel for your professional tourism-related content ;
  5. and by advising you and providing you specialized resources far beyond the Iperiago platform and even outside the tourism industry through Web project management and digital strategy definition.

Iperiago for your own brand

The Iperiago.com website, as well as the Paris-dedicated Parisparcours.com, were made with the Iperiago platform, a fully internationalized and modular solution, build on top of the most recent, robust, opened and independant technologies.

The platform will notably allow you :

  1. to shade a new light on your points of interest (including hotels, restaurants, campsites, guest houses, resorts...) by giving them new meanings, by telling stories of all kinds
  2. to get new visitors through content marketing and search engine optimization
  3. to ensure returning visitors
  4. to reach more easily younger audiences, families
  5. to cope with the ever-connected traveler
  6. to give local prescribers a tool to provide their own itineraries and share their expertise
  7. to speed up your online project, and save money...

Whether for a city or a region (even a whole country or the entire world !), for all types of tourist experiences (sports, ecotravel, kids, or any other idea...) we're able to provide, in a very short time frame, a customized version of Iperiago.

We'll deploy a customized version of Iperiago, in as many languages as necessary, through a subscription model.

One can then easily enhance the attractiveness of tourist offers with Iperiago's advantages : a great user interface, a powerful search engine, multi-languages support, user-created itineraries (based on your content or by extending it), deep Facebook integration, the ability to transform, in a blink, regular itineraries into paper chases or scavenger hunts, and even more.

Our services includes the delivery of our innovative, handily subscription-based interface, customized to your needs and driven by your content. On demand, during the set-up phase or after, we'll help you produce more great content, as well as translate it.

For whom ? Tourist offices and other tourist agencies and institutions, hotel groups, travel agencies, brands and advertisers in the context of content marketing campains based on themed itineraries...

Iperiago Agency

Our technological base can be used almost out-of-the-box to switly benefit from a customized version of Iperiago, but we've also designed it to be open for extension. Combined with our experience in Web content management and Web design, we're set up for handling complex projects with an Iperiago startbase.

Depending on your needs, we'll design and code new functionalities, new templates, new custom integrations and everything else that is required to help with your project at all stages : specifications, wireframing, PSD templates, SEO-friendly content strategy and production even in large volumes, testing...

Iperiago Events

Iperiago has a full-featured social gaming layer build upon the content, complete with rewards, achievements and level badges. Friends can play against the clock in paper chases or scavenger hunts. This is great for incentive-related events but even regular itineraries make a nice basis for team fun.

With you, we'll examine how to adapt one or more of our existing itineraries, or custom-made ones into unforgettable team events. Equipped with devices connected to the Web, teamers will be able to challenge themselves using the interface.

On a wider scale, we're open to partnerships with event agencies to build even more innovative solutions for their customers using our technology and approach.

For whom ? Event and communication agencies, business meeting agencies and everyone in need of a digital solution for teammates reunions or customers invitations...

Iperiago as a publishing platform

Iperiago is a community website : submitting content is open to everyone for free. But we've also arranged special conditions for professionals.

We're proposing various "premium" submission plans, with advantages such as audio and video submission, or the use of canonical URLs to effectively manage SEO...

Premium submissions in the context of a specific plan are available through a fixed monthly fee that lets you use Iperiago as an aggregated and feature-rich publishing platform, a content portal capable of showcasing great itineraries in the whole world.

Please note that white label customers automatically benefit from a "Gold" premium plan as long as they suscribe.

For whom ? Guides, lecturers, and anyone interested in publishing multidevice itinerary-based travel content but lacking the need or will to get her/his own website and web-app for it.

Iperiago Consulting / Next Content

The Iperiago team will guide you throughout your digital transformation and manage your online projects in various sectors of activity - outside the tourism industry, we have a strong experience, a reliable methodology and a network of experts to help brands, advertisers, the media, e-merchants and others in the fields of information technology, banking, or automotive, just to name a few.

Iperiago also has a strong partnership with Next Content, a French market research company and web agency with many key references in the digital economy and which is responsible in particular for the yearly Next Tourisme event, one of France's most influential business event for e-tourism top managers.

This partnership is central to the promise we're making of delivering smart analysis, great content, successful projects and new business opportunities with a strong emphasis on quality and coherence.